Nagaland State Lotteries
Nagaland Lotteries

Nagaland State Lotteries

This is the right place if you have bought a Nagaland State lottery ticket and are eager to check the lottery results. You can celebrate your luck today with our Lottery Sambad website by checking the Dear Lottery Sambad Result as well. The Nagaland Lottery ticket is one of the most popular lottery games organized by the Nagaland State Government under the supervision of the Finance Department. Anyone aged 18 and above can play this game by paying ₹6 per person but only the residents of Nagaland can claim the rewards. All the tickets must be bought at least 30 minutes before the lottery result draw. The Nagaland state lotteries are held every day of the week at three different times, under the name of Dear Morning at 1 pm, Dear Day at 6 pm and Dear Evening at 8 pm. The daily winning prizes of lotteries may vary in amount, with the top most super prizes worth ₹1 crore.

Ways to Earn Money from Lottery

There are various ways to potentially earn money from the lottery system, as the lottery is a luck-based game in which individuals buy tickets with the hope of winning prizes.

Become a Lottery Agent

Be a local lottery ticket agent and earn commissions on each sale while contributing to the lottery industry's growth.

Authorized Lottery Stockist

Officially promote the lottery system by joining government agencies and earn profitable commissions or to win prizes.

Lottery Gameplay

Participate in lottery games regularly and test your luck for the chance to win substantial prizes or an amount of 500 rupees to 1 crore.

Nagaland State Lottery Result Today

Nagaland Lottery Sambad
Your Opportunity for Big Wins

Today's Lottery Results

Find your good fortune by checking today's lottery result on our Lottery Sambad website. We provide the latest official lottery results for each three specific times of draws 01:00 PM, 06:00 PM and 08:00 PM. Every day, we celebrate by announcing the names of winners, as the results are determined based on specific games and the number of tickets purchased. Since the winning numbers are drawn randomly. At Lottery Sambad, we provide the most quick and relevant results of each lottery thrice daily, as well as Nagaland Bumper lotteries results.

You can directly download or view the result file to check your today’s live lottery results. For a deeper understanding of the game, you can also legally check the old lottery results searching them date-wise.

Lottery Sambad Result - Daily Updates

You can watch the Nagaland Dear Lottery live draw every day before 15 minutes of the official results are announced at 1 pm, 6 pm and 8 pm respectively.

Nagaland Lottery Live Result


Watch all the real-time live draws of Nagaland Lottery results to eliminate excitement.

Nagaland Lottery Transparency


Live lottery draws build trust and transparency in the Nagaland Lottery system.

Dear Nagaland Lottery Participation

Increased Participation

The live lottery draws encourage more participants to play this game and win various prizes.

Nagaland State Dear Lottery Sambad

As you know, the Dear Sambad Lottery is one of the most popular tickets in Nagaland and it is hard to find accurate results every day. Visit our Lottery Sambad website to quickly check your Nagaland State Lottery results for today.

Nagaland Lottery Sambad Result Today 1 pm

Dear Morning is a lottery drawn in the morning, also referred to as the Nagaland State Lottery Result for today 1 pm because the results are announced sharply at 1:00 PM and the live results PDF is uploaded here.

1 PM Result
Nagaland Lottery Sambad Result Today 6 pm

Every day check live Dear Day lottery results or Nagaland State Lottery results today at 6 pm. The latest results are available in the updated PDF below, as these lottery results are announced quickly at 6:00 PM.

6 PM Result
Nagaland Lottery Sambad Result Today 8 pm

Check the Nagaland State Lottery Result for this evening, also known as the Dear Evening lottery. These lottery results will be announced today at 8 pm on our Lottery Sambad website. You can also find the PDF of the results below.

8 PM Result
Claim Lottery Prize
How to Claim the winning amount?

Claim Dear Lottery Prize

The Nagaland State Lottery is conducted three times every day. If you happen to be one of the lucky winners, you can claim your Dear lottery prizes by following these steps:

  • Visit official Nagaland Lottery website .
  • Find the 'claim' option at the bottom and download the claiming application.
  • Complete and attach a government-recognized Photo ID and Passport size photographs and your signature with the claim form
  • Send the application by post to the Nagaland State's director or nodal officer within 30 working days from the draw date.
  • If your winning tickets and documents are properly signed, you will receive the prize within 60 working days.
  • Note: The intact ticket should not be damaged, as mutilated tickets are not accepted for lottery ticket claims.

Frequently Asked Question

Lottery Sambad results are announced three times a day: 1 PM, 6 PM, and 8 PM. You can check the latest results on our website immediately after they are released.
To check the Lottery Sambad results online, visit our website and select the appropriate draw time (1 PM, 6 PM, or 8 PM) to view the latest results. We provide a detailed list of winning numbers for each draw.
If you lose your Lottery Sambad ticket, it is unfortunately not possible to claim any prize as the ticket is required for verification. Always keep your ticket in a safe place and check the results as soon as they are announced.
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