Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Today Result 8:00 PM

Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Today Result 8:00 PM

Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Today Result 8:00 PM

Lottery Sambad Today Result 8 PM PDF

May 27.05.2023 (8 PM)

Lottery Sambad Results 8:00 PM

There are more ways to become rich, but you should that this activity is a one-shot of becoming rich. You will not know about it now when you experience it you will get known about it. How can someone become rich in just one day or one night? So this question arises in everyone’s mind how is this possible actually? So the answer is so simple that these kinds of lotteries make you rich.

Popular lotteries involve the lottery Sambad game. There are many varieties of it. This is one of the most popular ones. You will see more winning prizes in this game. Winning prizes are higher than usual and winning does not involve any risk or any complex procedure. You should just buy the ticket and wait for the results to come.

The government is the one which is actually behind all these activities. There are three formats of the game. Lottery morning games, afternoon games, and evening games. Below is detailed information about the morning, afternoon, and evening games. You can go through it and know about it.

Dear Lottery Sambad Morning Games

The most capitalized game ever. Lottery sambad morning games in the sense you should know that the morning call will be at 11:55 and it is similar in all the states normally. Then the results will be updated at 1 pm. The government’s perspective handles all these activities. The results are provided and the winners are decided by the government.

The ticket will have a number or you can select the number and buy the ticket. The results should come up with the number that you have selected. If you have that number selected then you are the winner of that game. It is that simple.

What Usually Are Morning Games?

The 1pm results involve the morning games results. The morning games in the sense as mentioned above. The first game of the lottery is sambad at the start of the day. So the lottery call or the ticket call will be at 11:55 am so that the participants will buy the ticket. After the result comes the winner is shown up as a jackpot winner or the lucky winner.

How Can You Participate in the 1:00 pm lottery sambad Game?

The morning games are so beautiful that this will be the first game of lottery sambad for today. So to join for the morning game you need not complete a complex type of process or involve in a complex activity. Just you need to buy the ticket from the ticket holders and wait for the results to be updated, that’s it. The actual price for a ticket is only 6 Indian rupees. It is a straightforward process so it is easy for everyone to participate in the lottery sambad Jackpot.

Everyday Names for Dear Lottery

To entertain and make the participants a little thrilling experience the name of the lottery will be changing from time to time. Because constantly the name doesn’t remain like that only.

Some of the names of the lottery are mentioned here you can go through that.

  1. Monday: Dear Ganga Morning
  2. Tuesday: Dear Teesta Morning
  3. Wednesday: Dear Torsa Morning
  4. Thursday: Dear Padma Morning
  5. Friday: Dear Hooghly Morning
  6. Saturday: Dear Kosai Morning
  7. Sunday: Dear Damodar Morning

These are the names that change day by day. If you can remember the names you can adjust to these actualities easily. Every day the name changes and is easily recognized if you get good knowledge about it.

The lottery will be at the same time and the names are only changed that’s it. Actually, the jackpot winning prize for the winners is one crore Indian rupees.

Dear Lottery Sambad Morning Game Prizes 

The winning prize varies in different games. The morning game will have a different winning prize and the afternoon games will have a different prize. So the evening lottery sambad will have different prize money. So it varies and does not involve any type of scams in it. And also the dhankesari winning amount varies as it depends on some of its captivating segments in the lottery sambad.

1 First Prize Rs 1 Crore
2 Second Prize Rs. 9000
3 Third Prize Rs. 500
4 Fourth Prize Rs. 250
5 Fifth Prize Rs. 120
6 Consolation Rs. 1,000

Here is the list of prizes for various positions.


1. How to buy Lottery Sambad Ticketor tokens Online?

  • Ans. You can buy the tickets online and also from the local employees who sell the ticket physically.

2. What actually is a lottery sambad game?

  • Ans. Lottery sambad is a lottery game that involves huge winning amounts and is practiced in some states under the guidance of the government.

3. How much is the first prize in lottery sambad morning games?

  • Ans. The amount varies but the actual amount for the first prize is one crore Indian rupees.

Lottery Sambad Results 6:00 PM

The Indian government has not made this lottery fall down at the previous ages. Because of this game, so many people’s lives have changed. The courts and the government of those states have full permission to continue such kind of activity. The one who is involved in this activity is independent and can perform any activity related to this lottery sambad.

This lottery has come up with a big change in the Indian government. The activity that this lottery sambad possesses is very profitable for the government. Due to this some of the States government now spend more expenses on the people and take care of their needs. The process of legalizing this activity in almost 13 states reduced feasibility and helped to overcome the problems they were facing.

The 6pm lottery is very good and liked by most people. They will be having time to buy the ticket and wait for the result. You will know how to experience and play the game in a systematic manner.

Intervals of the Lottery Sambad game

Intervals in the sense the gap between the games that are from 1pm to 6pm and 6pm to 8pm are considered as the intervals of the lottery sambad game. These intervals are provided for you to buy the ticket with peace and prosperity because there will be no urgency in engaging for ticket buying of something so these gaps are provided for the participants.

The timetable is so simple and the game is played and organized in this way.

  • Morning time.
  • Afternoon time.
  • Evening time.

Result Announcement at every Time

Each and every time you buy the tickets you should know the results and then buy it. There may be some delay in updating the results. But it will not be too late. You should wait with patience and then you should know where to search for the result and so on. Visiting the site simultaneously will help you to view the result and download it.

  • Morning result Time: 1:00 PM
  • Afternoon result Time: 6:00 PM
  • Evening result Time: 8:00 PM

The participants will have breathtaking situations after they buy the ticket. If they are lucky then they will surely win the game and win a huge amount of prize money for sure.

Lottery Sambad  Results 6:00 PM today

The most simple process to become rich. All you need is luck. If you have good luck on your side then you can surely win a huge profit through this. This is a good emerging activity that uses the participants as their lucky winners.

Thus the 6pm game is very good and fine to experience. It is similar to the other 2 games. You will know about it when you go to the 6pm game section on the site. You will see both 6pm results and also the 6pm dhankesari results. It is now made easy for you to get both the results together on the same page.

Playing states for the recent time

These lottery sambad games are performed in some of the states. It is said that almost 7 states are involved in such activities. Some of the state names are mentioned here. You can learn about those below.

  • Nagaland
  • Sikkim
  • West Bengal
  • Dhankesari
  • Punjab State
  • Bodoland
  • Kerala State

And some more states are involved in this lottery sambad activity. But their names have not been revealed but it is not an illegal activity not to be shown up. But because of some of the issues their names are not mentioned here.

Different Names for the Lottery sambad

Time remains the same for all the results and all the states. Three major timings for the results have been provided. The same rules and times will be followed at any time and at any day.

The names are already mentioned above so you need to know about those again. But do remember those names and have the advantage of remembering each day’s lottery sambad.

Sr.  Day Name 
1 Monday Dear Sun
2 Tuesday Dear Moon
3 Wednesday Dear Mercury
4 Thursday Dear Venus
5 Friday Dear Earth
6 Saturday Dear Mars
7 Sunday Dear Jupiter

Prize Money for the Lottery jackpot winners

Prize money has different categories. They will be having rank prizes from rank 1 to rank 5. There will also be consolation prizes for the other winners. The details and prize money are mentioned below you can go through that.

Rank Total Prizes Prize Money
1 1 99,00,000
2 2600 9,000
3 26000 500
4 26000 250
5 260000 120
Consolation 259 1000

Lottery Sambad Results at 8 PM

At a time if you want to win huge amounts and become rich you need to be involved in activities like this. This lottery sambad results of 8 pm are similar to the other 2 results. They are also the same.

There is no other way to become rich than by working hard and taking risks in so many activities will result in becoming rich in an easy way. So this is one of the alternate activities for becoming rich. You will never see any risk factor or hardworking factor in this activity.

There are many lottery games that do not provide you security and do not give you a proper winning amount and so many issues similar to this are triggered. So this is one of the best platforms to play the lottery game. There will be three games a day. You can just get involved in any of the three games easily.

As this is government-affiliated and has so many permissions which legally makes them process such huge amounts and profits for the participants. And also make this activity run in such a society without having any problems and issues involved. So this lottery sambad game has more security which we can trust easily.

Types of Dear Sambad Lottery 

The types of lottery games are already mentioned on this site. These lottery games are played across many states. You will see some of the states involving such activities which are officially legal.  The results and success rate is declared high while participating in this lottery sambad game.

So the ticket holders will surely know that they are going to be rich one or the other day. If they are lucky to win then they will surely win once or twice. The types of times of the lottery sambad are mentioned here.

  1. Morning Time
  2. Afternoon
  3. Evening Time

You can enjoy buying the tickets or the tokens and wait for the results to occur. The official website will help you to buy tickets online. Visit the official site and know more about it.

Lottery Sambad 8:00 pm results today

Among all the three formats, Lottery Sambad at 8:00 pm is also excellent. It is counted as the evening time form of the lottery. As established earlier, various states offer the lottery to their people. In all these states, the game keeps going three times a day for the whole week.

This is one of the times for the result to be updated. The 8pm lottery result is as normal as the other two results. The winning prize may vary a little bit but the process to buy a ticket for this is easy and simple. The process doesn’t change for any of the lottery games.

Intervals are provided in between the games. So that the lottery sambad participants can buy the tickets calmly with more time given.

Everyday Names of Lottery sambad

The most entertaining part of the lottery sambad game is that there is always a different name for each day of the game. Some of the games of 8pm have these kinds of names that are mentioned below. The names change every day and it’s for a week and daily the same name cannot be seen.

Sr. Number Day Name 
1 Monday Dear Flamingo Evening
2 Tuesday Dear Parrot Evening
3 Wednesday Dear Eagle Evening
4 Thursday Dear Falcon Evening
5 Friday Dear Vulture Evening
6 Saturday Dear Ostrich Evening
7 Sunday Dear Hawk Evening

Each state gives different names for its lottery game. All states’ names will not be the same normally. You will have to remember the names and get going.

Prize Money and Timings of lottery sambad results

The article already provides you the information about the timings and the prize list of money. The winning amount actually varies. The timings are of three types. As mentioned above the timings are simply like 1pm, 6pm, and 8pm.

If you have won in any of the three types of games, the amount will be sanctioned easily for you within some days.

Sr. Number Rank Name Winning Prize
1 1st One Crore
2 2nd Rs. 9000
3 3rd Rs. 500
4 4th Rs. 250
5 5th Rs. 120
6 Consolation Rs. 1000

There may be some delay in updating the results or providing the winning money. But there is no complaint that the money will not be given if the results have not been updated yet. These kinds of issues are not seen in this game of lottery.


1. Who actually manages and organizes the Dear Lottery Sambad lottery game?

  •  Answer: The particular state government will be maintaining and taking care of lottery sambad activity.

2. How to win the lucky draw in the Sambad Lottery?

  • Answer: You should just buy the ticket with the selected number and wait for the result to come. If you are lucky then you will win.

3. Which one is the real lottery sambad?

  • Answer: The main and real one is the Nagaland state lottery because the first lottery Sambad was started in Nagaland and also in Kerala. So each state lottery sambad is handled by the government of those particular states.

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