Nagaland State Lottery Result – Download The Latest Lottery Result in PDF Today

Nagaland State Lottery Results are the most popular Lottery result in Nagaland State India. Here you get the live and latest Nagaland State Lottery results in pdf format. You can check and download the Nagaland state lottery results online on this site. We are updating all the Nagaland state lottery results on google drive for the users to avoid the pop ads.

The Nagaland State Lottery is organized by the government of Nagaland. Nagaland Lottery is, the trustful lottery in the state because its owned by the government. You can buy all the lottery tickets from the nearest store. We are not providing the online purchase of the tickets because of the scams and law issues. The government runs the Nagaland state lottery and you need to buy all the tickets from the actual Lottery office or retail.

How to Check Nagaland State Lottery Online

If you are searching for the Nagaland Lottery results online, then we are updating all the lottery results online in google drive. Below we are updating all the lottery results with respect to date and time. Just follow the links on site and get the results online here. There is no ads on the google drive you can just download, share and check the results.

Here we are updating all the lottery results online three times a day. You can just select the time and get the results on the next page. You can check and claim your prize online. If you won the prize money, then you need to go the Nagaland State Lottery office.

How to Download the Nagaland State Lottery Result Online

  • Click the download button in the post
  • Chose the time on the next page and click to download button after selecting them.
  • On the next page you get the PDF file and share with your friends.
  • If you find any issue mail us.

What is the Nagaland State Lottery?

One of the most popular lottery game in India. The prize money of Nagaland state is good and you can claim the prize money from the main office of the Nagaland State Lottery. They are also organizing some weekly special lottery games, which have the big prize money. The prize money of the weekly lottery increase, if more person buy’s the tickets.

How to buy Nagaland State Lottery Game?

You can buy the lottery tickets from the local dealers or the official lottery store. There is no online shop for the lottery tickets, because of scams and other issues. There also many people are selling the tickets in buses, trains and other local places.

The Price of Nagaland State Lottery:

The price of Nagaland State lottery varies on the demand of the tickets. If the ticket price is high, then the prize money also varies. The price of lottery is 5 Rupees per ticket and you need to buy at least 4 tickets.

Prize Amount of Nagaland State Lottery:

Here below you check the prize money of the Nagaland State lottery.

First Prize26.03 Lakh Rupees1 Participant
Second Prize9500 RupeesAll Participants Who Have The Same Serial Number
Third Prize9000 Rupees10 Participants
Fourth Prize500 Rupees10 Participants
Fifth Prize120 Rupees100 Participants

Terms & Conditions of Nagaland State Lottery

Many frauds happening now a days, so red this terms and condition carefully to play the Nagaland State lottery.

  1. ou have purchased the original lottery to participate in the game.
  2. Your lottery ticket must be in good condition. If they found it damaged then you will not get any kind of prize.
  3. After the result declaration, You need to send the claim form before 15 days. Otherwise, your prize will be on Hold.
  4. The ticket is not transferable, Means if you bought the ticket, You have to redeem the ticket by yourself. You can not resell the ticket.


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